United Animals Organization



The tension was high in the air

When members started to arrive

Squirrels peeped through bushes

As they reached location, all five


It was an important Council meeting

Of the World Animals Organization

Leopard, elephant, bear and wolf came

Lion no doubt was the Chairman


With a thunderous roar the lion

Called the meeting in order

As small animals ran with speed

Eagles swirled high in the air

“We discuss an important matter”

Lion started the opening address

“As the most powerful in the jungle

We are responsible to control, redress


We have our own law of jungle

Working smoothly for many years

There never were any problems

Now we are seeing doubts and fears


Humans are now misusing our law

We must pay our full attention

Fellow animals feel threatened

Some even started asking question


Humans want more and more power

They are killing humans for same

World is seeing a lot of destruction

Giving our Jungle Law a bad name


We are contend with our powers

And use it according our traditions

We must convince fellow animals

We will not follow human’s actions”


Completing, lion looked to leopard

Who in a very aggressive manner

Expressed his anger against humans

And unhappiness over animal behavior


It was then elephant’s turn to speak

“We can do nothing against humans

They are more powerful than all of us

We need brains fighting against humans”


Bear agreed with elephant assessment

And requested the lion to call the fox

Being known for her high wisdom

She may give advice in or out of box


Wolf asked to give his point of view

Found the suggestion too hasty

First must we five discuss options

And later discuss them with foxy


Lion decided summon fox at once

She arrived soon looking pale and weak

When lion asked her about the reason

She conveyed with signs, couldn’t speak


She was told the matter discussed

And was asked to give her best advice

Through signs she asked for a few days

To recover and give five her best advice


She was given three days by Council

And told to come same time and place

She looked very relieved and happy

Thanking, left immediately at high pace


Three days later they all were there

Fox looked fine having regained voice

“Let humans continue their doing”

Fox confidently presented her advice


“Humans the most powerful on planet

And we animals are second to them

They sure are going to destroy humanity

Nobody anywhere can ever stop the stem


Once they are gone we will rule earth

Nobody then can stop us from doing so

As for fellow animal’s worries and fears

I have a very good advice for them also


Make animals committee minus you five

And ask them to discuss whole situation

Give them maximum seven days in all

To present objective unanimous opinion”


“What if their opinion we don’t like”

Impatient leopard said in a stinging voice

“You forget, I too will be in the committee

How unanimous opinion can be otherwise”


Lion thanked the fox and she left meeting

Council then deliberated in very detail

And decided unanimously adopt the advice

Expecting success with no chance to fail


Tasneem Hameed















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