Almost more than half of the period has expired when after a little knock he entered the classroom.

“ Where you have been”, Professor Haroon asked him.

“Sir it is a long story I will tell after the period,” he replied.

“We are almost through it, you may tell now so that all of us know and learn from it,” professor declared.

Now it was the turn of Mazaaqi (funny) to narrate the cause of his being late. His real

BLACK CATname was Akhtar Alam, but due to his jolly nature he was called Mazzaqi.

Mazzaqi told the class that he as usual left for college in time, but as soon as he moved out from the front door of the house, a black cat crossed his way and that as it was a bad omen he decided to go back. He initially, according to him decided to take a day off, but because he liked the class of Professor Haroon he decided to find a solution. He then called house watchman, Snober Khan, known to be a very wise person. Snober told him that there was a very simple solution. Find that cat and move it in the opposite direction of that the cat crossed him, in this way curse would be washed. Mazzaqi told Snober it was not possible to find and recognize that it was the same cat. Snober then proposed that I may take any black cat and follow the procedure. Mazzaqi told Snober that according to science same things repel and opposite things attract each other, so why not use a white cat. He said that after mutual discussion they reached the conclusion that it would be safe to use both black and white colored cats.

The next problem was how to find black and white cats. According to Mazzaqi, Snober asked him to wait as he would find a solution to that problem. He then went to his quarter and came back with a school book having pictures of black and white cats. He told Mazzaqi that he would get the photo copies of the two pictures, which he did.

According to Mazzaqi the Procedure was implemented with the photo copies amid cheers of Snober’s children and in this way he was able to reach the college to attend the class. Everyone appreciated the efforts of Mazzaqi and Snober in finding an amicable and scientific solution of the great problem and as congratulations ended siren announced the completion of the period.

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