Humor; Harassment And Humiliation

Harassment and humiliation is no humor hence brought frustration and resentment for the perpetrator as a harsh reaction. But, also changed his life for better.

Nobody who knew him from childhood could believe that he was Zarook. He was known for his pranks in the childhood and later for his mischiefs when he entered his teens. People, especially his neighbors were fed up with his activities and had many times complained to his father and elder brother, but there was no change in his behavior. While in the childhood he would sometime fight with the children of the neighbors on flimsy matters, make people slip while entering or leaving their house by pasting some material on thresholds or after collecting frogs throwing them on women from the house rooftop moving across his home making them run screaming to his enjoyment and laughter. He would always said that it was just humor and nobody should mind. His father and elder brother scolded him many times, and told him that anything, which cause hurt, discomfort, humiliation or even momentary fear could not be taken as humor. But, despite promising not to do any such thing in the future he would soon be involved in some new activity causing them embarrassment. He was almost rusticated from school when he once put a cat inside the teacher’s desk which jumped on him when he opened it. His father was called by the Head Master and told that enough was enough and that they were rusticating him. It was only due to the sympathetic attitude of his class teacher who requested the Head Master for a last chance that he was saved. On that day he received a sound thrashing from his father and had to nurse his back for many days. But, what he did when he was in 11th class was much more than a mischief and turned out to be the biggest of them all. One day he proposed to his close friends to go to see a movie together. As their parents did not approve of their children going to movies, they decided to keep it a secret.

But, at the last moment Zarook decided not to go citing urgent work given by his father and told his friends not to cancel their program because of him. It was all part of his plan. Once his friends were gone to the cinema, he waited until the scheduled starting time of the movie and then went to a Public Call Office. He made a call to the father of one of his friends, Pastrary and in a different voice told him that his son had been kidnapped and he must bring one hundred thousand Liras to an isolated Park to save his son. He was also warned that any attempt to contact police would mean the death of his son. Zarook was confident that the family of Pastrary could not contact him until the end of the movie after more than two hours as they never knew that he was in a cinema. The cell phones of all the friends would also be off during the movie. Therefore, contacting them through that mode was also ruled out. He also switched off his on cell phone to avoid being contacted by them. The family of Pastrary was in great distress. They neither had the demanded money, too afraid to tell the police or even the neighbors. The elder brother of Pastrary tried to contact Pastrary’s close friends, but as all the cell phones were switched off he could not do so. He decided to go to home of each one of them, and after visiting houses of four and unable to meet any reached Zarook’s home. Zarook was completely unprepared for that and shaken on seeing Zarook’s brother, but was in no position to tell the truth. He consoled him and gave the assurance that he himself would search Pastrary and hopefully find him. After he left, Zarook immediately left for the cinema and after requesting the manager was allowed to go inside and talk to Pastrary. Zarook told Pastrary the whole position and asked him to go with him. Soon they were on their way to Pastrary’s home discussing which excuse to make for his absence. His family members were still in a shock, tension, stress and anxiety, but were surprisingly delighted to see Pastrary. Pastrary had decided to tell the truth, and the family was too happy to question him about secretly going to watch the movie. The family was thankful for the efforts made by Zarook. But, a few days after the dust settled everybody was anxious to know who was behind the horrible act and how Zarook knew the location of Pastrary. Suspcion started to grow against him, especially among his friends. They wanted to know why he suddenly changed his mind about going to the movie, why his cell was switched off and why he did not tell the truth when Pastrary’s brother approached him. They decided to question him together. Zarook was unable to satisfy them, and became angry saying that it was he who saved the situation for Pastrary and his family and he did not tell his brother earlier as they had promised to keep it as a secret. His friends told him that they wanted to go to the bottom of the case and would file a complaint with the police. This changed the color of Zarook’s face and after a few minutes he told them the truth. His friends were extremely angry and told him that he had caused humiliation and harassment to the Pastrary’s family and unless he tenders apology to Pastrary’s family, he would cease to be their friend. Zarook requested them to spare him the last time. They told him that they would tell after some days and asked him to leave. The next day they decided to pardon Zarook verbally, but taught him a big lesson. They made a plan and the next day told him that his request of pardon had been accepted, which made Zarook really happy.

A few weeks later according to a well- thought plan, one of his friends during their regular get together on a Sunday proposed to visit the zoo as they had not done so for a long time. All of them agreed to go to the zoo the next day. When the next day they reached the zoo they found it closed due to weekly off day. They came to know that the off day was changed from Sunday to Monday some months back to allow more people to visit due to holiday. All of them were disappointed, but one of them said that he had a relative working in their and he would try to request him to allow them a short visit. He went and came back after ten minutes with a person and introduced him as a relative along with the good news that they had been allowed twenty minutes visit.

The friend’s relative who was Care Taker of monkeys first took them to the monkey’s cage. When they reached the place they found only one monkey and that too inside an inner small cage used for food and sleep. The Care Taker took out the key of the main cage and opened the lock and went inside to check the food of the monkey. One of the friend said that they too should go inside so that they could see the monkey from close range and all agreed. Once inside as Zarook moved towards the inner cage his other friends quietly moved out and closed it from outside.

When Zarook looked back he found that he has been left in the cage with the Care Taker.

“Why did you do that,” he shouted in anger.

“We became afraid, but you are a brave person you can stay there,” one of them replied.

In the meantime the Care Taker had opened the lock of the inner cage and the monkey came out and jumped on to a swing. Zarook looked afraid and asked the Care Taker why he had opened the inner cage and told him to put the monkey inside immediately. Suddenly one of the friends threw a banana inside the cage which landed at Zarook’s feet and the monkey jumped from the swing to pick the banana brushing him at the side. Then came another banana hitting Zarook’s head and with it the monkey pushing his head aside. Zarook realized that he had been deliberately made a target and shouted in frustration and anger to stop that and let him out.

“Would you do any mischief in the future,”shouted one of his friends.

“Never, never,” Zarook shouted back in resentment.

“OK make a line from your nose on the ground,” declared another friend.

Zarook looked at the monkey enjoying banana at the swing and hurriedly did what he was told to do.

The Care Taker called the monkey, opened the gate of inside cage and there it went immediately. The gate of the main cage was opened by Zarooks friends and out he went, looking at the ground. They all left the zoo without anybody saying anything.

That was the last day Zarook met his friend, and also the first day when he realized that what he had been doing was wrong. It was a life changer day and event.

And today after about a year and a half he was there on TV giving an interview to a channel after getting top position in the 12th class Annual Examination.

By: Tasneem Hameed

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