A job interview full of humor and wit

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An enjoyable account of a job interview depicting candidate’s humor, wit, common sense, observation, communication skills and thinking on feet ability.

Sophia had received her first interview call. After graduation in Social Sciences two months back, she had applied for a job in many companies, but it was for the first time that she was asked to appear for an interview. She was really happy because as well as being the first, it was from a well- known company. As there was still a week before the interview she decided to prepare for it very thoroughly. In addition to getting most information about the company she got advice from different people who possessed good experience in conducting job interviews. Most of them advised her that as she was fresh therefore her interview would be concentrated on her personality, abilities, attitude, communication, observation, innovation and way of thinking. She was also told that common sense and sense of humor were two important tools for an interviewee. She therefore, made her preparations accordingly. She also had a broader look at different important topics of her subject. By the time her preparation was complete, she was satisfied that she was ready for her first interview.

On the appointed day she reached the place ten minutes earlier. She was asked to take a thirty minutes test about her subject, and after another ten minutes she was escorted to the place of interview. It was a meeting room with a long table and three people, two men and one woman were sitting there facing the door. After entering the room, she moved towards opposite to the interviewing panel. She found one chair, facing the interviewing panel a bit away from the table, perhaps indicating that it was meant for the interviewee. She however, decided to put her bag on that chair and after pulling the chair next to it sat on it. The interview then started, and questions and answers went as follows:

Q. So Sophia you are here, we welcome you to our company and express our best wishes for your interview.

A. Thank you all, and I hope your decision to call me for the interview is vindicated.

Q. To start with why you did not sit on the chair meant for you.

A. Well first of all its place looked unsymmetrical as it was not exactly in the middle facing the panel. It was a bit towards the left I therefore, left my bag on it and moved to the right side. The other reason being that in the alternate if I had put my bag on the table it would not have looked good, and humorously speaking it could have shifted attention to the bag as many people have praised its design and outlook.

Q. Sophia, why you want to join this company.

A. There are two reasons, one long term and the other short term. The long term because I want to do a job, and the short term because I was called for the interview showing my eligibility for the job that for me is really a good gesture from the company and I would like to reciprocate it fully.

Q. Personally what do you think is more important, the knowledge or the experience.

A. Although I have no experience, yet I acknowledge its importance, but overall I think on the basis of first things first, it is knowledge that comes first. Experience follows knowledge. For doing anything some knowledge about it should be present or imparted, experience comes after repeating it continuously. Generally speaking I would compare the two in the context of a cup of tea. It comprises of water, tea leaves, sugar and milk. To me tea leaves is knowledge, milk is experience, water is attitude and sugar is skills. There would be no tea without tea leaves even if all the other ingredients are present. Attitude is the first thing required for doing a job and so is water for making a cup of tea. All the ingredients in right proportion will make a good cup of tea. If the quantity of tea leaves is more than required it will taste bitter. If more milk is present than the required proportion, tea will turn into milk. If the quantity of sugar is more it would become too sweet. It is the same as a person has a lot of knowledge, but is lacking either the right attitude or the skills or the requisite experience will fail to deliver. Similar is the case with a person having a lot of experience, but is lacking the right attitude, skills and the knowledge. His experience will help him to a certain extent only. But, it does not mean that a person who suffers from sugar ailment and who does not take sugar in tea will have no skills or that someone having tea without milk and sugar will be lacking in skill as well as experience. I was talking generally speaking as an example.

Q. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?

A. My strength is the eight senses and my weakness is my inability to know my weakness. I reckon as I will grow in the right environment I would come to know about it.

Q. You talked about eight senses we know about six senses, what are the remaining two?

A. Well, they are common sense and sense of humor. While common sense helps in finding answers to difficult questions, sense of humor brings positivity to the life. Together these two leads to creation of emotional intelligence.

Q. The six senses are present almost in everybody how it becomes your strength as there is nothing unique about it.

A. You are right, but mere presence is not enough, how effectively they are used is the question. If we have eyes, but are not able to see what is happening in our surroundings then our seeing sense is not working. Similar may be the case with our hearing, tasting and smelling senses. If we are unable to hear the noises at the right time, have no idea about the taste of success and defeat and could not smell what is cooking in the background we are not using these senses properly. As for the sixth sense it is there to help when we are unable to make a decision despite having used the five other senses properly. It is the voice of the heart and we must know when to follow this voice. God has given all these tools to succeeded, it is now up to us get the most benefit from them.

Q. What would you bring to this company if you are hired?

A. Freshness, positivity, innovation, increase in the knowledge base and decrease in the average age of the company.

Q. What compensation do you expect if selected?

A, well, it is said about expectation that one should hope for best and prepared for the worst. But, in my case there is no worse scenario. Even if my expectations are not met and even if I don’t accept that I would have gained a lot by being here. It has certainly provided me both knowledge and experience. Here, I am reminded of the famous episode where a King after defeating another King asked him what he expected from him. The defeated King said he expected whatever a King can expect from in another King. In my case I would expect a decent compensation from a decent company to a decent person. I know that what I am saying about the company and me is correct, we only have to wait about the third one if and when comes out.

Q. What were you doing after your examination?

A. Planning for my blog about humor. I have all the preparations made and soon I will launch it under the title Non-Shun-Fun.

Q. You earlier talked about the sense of humor and now the humor blog why humor is important for you.

A. Previously I also did not give much importance to humor, but as during my process of selecting a topic for my blog I found it most suitable as its importance has not been much publicized. Humor not only creates joy and happiness, it provides relief against stress, tension and depression. Laughter is also called the best medicine and it is also nominated as internal jogging of heart with similar effects as real jogging. I was surprised to learn that research and studies have shown that humor helps in maintaining good health and in curing and healing.

Q. Do you have some questions from us?

A. Thanks, I do. I would like to ask about the future prospects of the job I have applied for. My question is what is the last position could I reach?

Interviewer: Chief Executive Officer

Sophia: Thanks as this information would help me in formulating my goals if, I am selected.

The interview was over and Sophia left with a lot of confidence about her chances of being selected for the job.

What actually happened would be part of another post to be published later.

We invite readers to write, and send if they wish the second part of this post and the one, which is selected as the best would be published with the name of the author with acknowledgement. We will publish the names of other participants as well.

By: Tasneem Hameed

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