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How to Keep Children Entertained in the Summer Holidays

    GUEST POST Keeping your children entertained for six weeks can be a drain on your energy and your purse. Finding new and inventive ways to keep them occupied is no mean feat. It’s particularly difficult to find free … Continue reading

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Humorous Attack

  It was a beautiful summer evening with rains in the morning making the weather very pleasant. Cool breeze was blowing under the cover of a sky full of light clouds of different shades. I entered the park for my … Continue reading

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Humor And Satire

Humor and satire are entirely different forms of expression as compared to normal format and although having different purpose, they are mostly mentioned together. Being unique in nature, they are taken as God gifted qualities. Both humor and satire contribute … Continue reading

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A Sweeper’s Joy, Stress And Relief

While sweeping dusty road one day A sweeper found a jewel in the hay Hiding the  jewel  was his first action Before thinking about any reaction Full of  joy he started thinking then What to do, how and when

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Promotion With Stress, Drama and Relief

An extraordinary person’s story who tried to get promotion with the help of friends and  suffered  stress and tension, but  dramatically got relief of promotion.   Never a dull moment when he talked Whether he stood, sat or walked Jim is … Continue reading

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A job interview full of humor and wit

An enjoyable account of a job interview depicting candidate’s humor, wit, common sense, observation, communication skills and thinking on feet ability. Sophia had received her first interview call. After graduation in Social Sciences two months back, she had applied for … Continue reading

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Enjoyment And Entertainment With 4Bs

The story of birds (sparrows, pigeons, parrots, crows) and their observation by Baba, BB and Baboo and its filming creating a lot of enjoyment and entertainment. There he was sitting at the same place in the park with a lot … Continue reading

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A Humorous Theft

Anything done for the first time is difficult, and if it is theft, it is bound to create tension and anxiety and ungainly situations even stupid and humorous. He at last decided to go for it. He had been delaying … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Person; Curiosity, Tension And Relief

An account of the activities of a mysterious person during walk and efforts to unravel the real facts full of suspense, tension, and embarrassment. I have watched him since he started his walk-cum-jog-run activity six months back. I am a … Continue reading

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Entertainment Par Foolishness

The story of a simple person, who goes through a lot of stress and tension searching for a fool, but ended up to his relief in getting a bride, instead. Happiness was visible from the face of Achoo barber.  The … Continue reading

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