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If the names of children of a family known as The Laughter Family are based on humor like Smile and Jest, people are bound to take notice, and that’s what happened.   No one was surprised to learn about the … Continue reading

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Enjoyment; Purpose And Scope

Enjoyment and laughter at the expense of people under stress or embarrassment or resulting in physical or mental harm is not what enjoyment is all about. Enjoyment is primarily defined as the act or condition of receiving pleasure, the use … Continue reading

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We are honored to have your company at Humor-itarian Work Center. As a person is known by the company he keeps, a company is also¬† known by the people it has and we feel privileged to have you with us. … Continue reading

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Brief research about origin of humor, its definition, and elements, i.e. joy, happiness, smile, laughter, entertainment and relief against stress and tension. Defining humor is considered an elusive exercise by many humorists, but there is no harm in making an … Continue reading

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