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Humor Laughter History

    With thanks from humor-laughter.com Humor and laughter have a long history, as they have been a part of the human culture for as long as we can go back. The benefits of humor are even referenced in the … Continue reading

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    The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone else to blame it on. – Robert Bloch A good belly laugh should register on the Richter scale. – Gerry Hopman Time is a great teacher, … Continue reading

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  Smile and laughter are mostly expressions of joy, happiness and pleasure. Their physical appearance is well known. However, there are many aspects about both smile and laughter which are unknown to common people.  The main purpose of this article … Continue reading

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Poker And Prayer

It was already on the cards that I will become a good card’s or chess player when I was a child. I showed my talent very early and with the passage of time it continued to improve. My mother encouraged … Continue reading

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Humor And Satire

Humor and satire are entirely different forms of expression as compared to normal format and although having different purpose, they are mostly mentioned together. Being unique in nature, they are taken as God gifted qualities. Both humor and satire contribute … Continue reading

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A job interview full of humor and wit

An enjoyable account of a job interview depicting candidate’s humor, wit, common sense, observation, communication skills and thinking on feet ability. Sophia had received her first interview call. After graduation in Social Sciences two months back, she had applied for … Continue reading

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Humor Pizza Pieces

Four line pieces of poetic  humor depicting situations of stress, tension  and anxiety. but leading to fun  satire, smile, laughter,  and enjoyment.   Walking on water was difficult He started running fast All burst in to laughter Gathered to watch … Continue reading

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Humor; Harassment And Humiliation

Harassment and humiliation is no humor hence brought frustration and resentment for the perpetrator as a harsh reaction. But, also changed his life for better. Nobody who knew him from childhood could believe that he was Zarook. He was known … Continue reading

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A Humorous Theft

Anything done for the first time is difficult, and if it is theft, it is bound to create tension and anxiety and ungainly situations even stupid and humorous. He at last decided to go for it. He had been delaying … Continue reading

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Dream And Reality; From Joy To Resentment

Depiction of a person’s life whose dream was fulfilled, but later landed him in prison and all the happiness and joy was transformed into distress and anxiety. I was really happy to hear the news. My old friend Faizan had … Continue reading

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