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We know why infants cry, but why they smile? It has been noticed that infants smile more while asleep or on the way to sleep, but that does not mean they don’t smile when not asleep. They do. Smiling while asleep may be due to sweet little dreams or as a preparation exercise for smiling while not asleep. It has been observed that these smiles decrease with age.

infant smileIt appears that when God created human he decided to give it the power to communicate on at least two occasions in the most earlier part of life that is when infant. One was power to show discomfort and the other power to show happiness. May be crying and smiling are those powers. When infant is feeling discomfort due to any reason, be it pain, fear or clothing he starts crying to give a call of discomfort to parents or whoever is in attendance, even when no one is there. It is a sort of call for attention for removing his discomfort. In case of smile it is a signal of happiness for those in vicinity as a sort of communication of gratitude.

According to Mark Gettleman, M.D., a pediatrician and owner of Dr. Goofy Gettwell Pediatrics in Scottsdale, Arizona baby was probably smiling long before she was born. Babies can smile very early in life. These first smiles aren’t intentional or in response to anything. They’re reflex smiles, but Soon enough, though, your little cutie will flash her first “real” smile, on purpose. According to research humorous exchanges between infants and parents may enhance their opportunities to develop a satisfying relationship.

Making infants smile can be a message from God that we must strive for happiness. When even an infant who knows nothing about happiness can smile why not adults. It appears God wants to remind us adults through infant’s smile that we too should create opportunities for happiness.

Smile and laughter follow something humorous if not fake. Humor not only make us smile and laugh, but inculcate a feel of happiness in us. It can be safely said that making God’s creation happy amounts to making Him happy. Some are born with quality of humor while some other learn to be humorous, but in both cases they are doing something good for fellow humans that in turn would make God happy.

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