It was really unbelievable. What has happened? How it could be? Is it some joke from someone? How it is possible. Should I tell someone? Would it not be foolish to do so? A lot of questions started hitting my mind. One thing was sure it was not a dream as suddenly the light went off, it was load shedding definitely.

ceiling fanI decided to go back to bed and have a rest and perhaps it was due to lack of proper sleep. I went back, lit a candle, put myself on the bed and started looking towards the stationary ceiling fan. Suddenly it appeared to be smiling, being frightened I closed my eyes. Was the ceiling fan aware of my situation or was it hallucination? Perhaps the first one was also hallucination. But, why I was thinking I had come back to sleep a bit more to clear my mind I thought. But before that, I must check the ceiling fan again otherwise it would not let me sleep. I opened the corner of my right eye and looked towards the ceiling fan again and to my surprise I saw an eye with a tear and before I could do anything the tear dropped on me. I put my hand on the place where the tear dropped and could feel the wetness. And, then another drop and then another. Completely taken over by fear I ran away from my room and knocked the door of my elder brother’s room. He came out in an unhappy mode as I probably had disturbed his sleep. After expressing his anger he asked about my intrusion.  When I narrated the story he admonished me by saying that I was stupid from my childhood and asked me to show him what I had seen. First, I went to my room. He looked up towards the ceiling fan and then towards my bed. Water marks were visible. He then went towards the window and after lifting the curtain looked outwards. He then called me and asked me to look outwards. I could see light rain falling. “These are the tears of ceiling fan” he scolded.

shaving brushSo my room roof leaked during raining I told myself, but what about ceiling fan smiling or its eye, I inquired in my heart, too afraid to ask my brother. I then took my brother to my wash room and pointed towards the small glass cupboard and asked him to look at the shaving brush whose hair have turned white from black. He opened the cupboard, took out the shaving brush and after seeing it for few moments put it under the water tap of sink and poured water on the shaving brush. Soon the whiteness of hair gave way to black color. He looked towards me and said; “You are not only foolish, but also lazy. After shaving you had not washed the shaving brush, the foams of shaving crème remained sticking to it, and you declared that hair have turned white. You even did not take out the shaving brush from the cupboard and made the decision”.

I really felt ashamed on that day, but to this day I believe that I have been wronged by some supernatural body that made a fool of me because many times I have openly said that I don’t believe in supernatural beings and they got  revenge from me, otherwise what was the answer to ceiling fan smiling or its eye?

Tasneem Hameed

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