The Elite Club



You cannot become a member

You don’t belong here, remember

It is not the place for you

Leave, before it is race for you

You may be of the right age

You cannot be on our page

Even if you are sharp or a sage

You can’t change your parentage

Our conditions you can’t satisfy

Until you have the means to rectify

You don’t belong to the right class

And nowhere near the top brass

Your peerage must be well known

And its presence in the class shown

Trappings of power all around

Record of resplendent positions abound

Eye brows must know how to speak

Your blessings and favors all must seek

If there is absence of a stiff neck

There is no need for a reality check

Good qualification amount to nothing

Excellent skills count for nothing

May be you are a very honest man

But, that’s not a condition for the clan

As you cannot change your past

You must now move forward fast

Find one from corridor of power

And get his blessing’s quick shower

This may work and get you in

Or find some from their kith and kin

Don’t you feel stress and tension

Only the realities I did mention

Nothing satirical, humorous about it

Nothing unsavoury, frivolous about it

If you want to join the elite club

Follow my advice or get the snub

Here may lie your salvation

To me there is no other option


Tasneem Hameed

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