Promotion With Stress, Drama and Relief

An extraordinary person’s story who tried to get promotion with the help of friends and  suffered  stress and tension, but  dramatically got relief of promotion.

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Never a dull moment when he talked

Whether he stood, sat or walked

Jim is a man of wit and humor

Talking about facts as well a rumor

As he was a popular man

He surely had a lot of fan

Often he would say strange things

And gave it the needed wings

Ensuring it reached the right place

In the right form at lightening pace

A few friends in a bunch

He once invited for lunch

After the lunch was over

He told the reason for the  bother

He asked for a volunteer

Who must be a man of valor

And talk about his promotion

To his boss and report reaction

He should tell about his quality

And also company’s necessity

He should convince his boss

His non-promotion was a loss

To him and the company

And it was needed genuinely

When nobody came forward

He also announced a reward

At last Peter gave his consent

In a weak and stuttering accent

He agreed to meet boss next day

Noting down what he had to say

The next day he did not come

And sent a request with some one

Citing sickness as the reason

Pointing figure at cold season

The next day he was absent again

Giving recovery as a refrain

The next day was worst of all

And Jim thought he lost the pal

Peter applied for four days rest

And after that try do his best

Jim who was growing suspicious

And was becoming more anxious

Decided to meet him at last

And to indulge in forward fast

Peter was found lying in his bed

Having definitely few kg’s shed

In stress and tension he started to cry

Jim consoled him and also did try

To give relief, bring him to normality

So that he could know the reality

“I agreed to stand at your back

But,  realized might get the sack

Excuse me, this is my sincere apology

Not like Hillary Clinton’s mere sorry”

Standing up Jim quietly left the house

Without expressing resentment or grouse

The next day Peter came to office

But, Jim did not take any notice

The same day during the break

The boss came with a big cake

Expressing his joy and congratulation

He told Jim about his promotion

Remaining speechless for a while

Jim did manage a wry smile

Thanking boss for the decision

That brought about his promotion

But, until this day Jim does not know

Was it boss’s decision or Peter’s show


By: Tasneem Hameed

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