Relief With A Difference

For a stiff neck the best cure is going to the Wrestler Treatment. If one is able to avoid or bear tension, anxiety and stress, will get the needed relief.

When the going goes rough

It’s time to go for the tough

When the neck gets stiff

There is no, but and if

Time to go to the wrestler

Don’t you become a wrangler

Go through the rigors quietly

Let him do his work smartly

Don’t worry or show tension

Anxiety, stress or frustration

If he catches you by the neck

Don’t you move or jerk

He rubs your neck harshly

Don’t react to it rashly

When he swings it side ways

You only remember highways

He may use thumbs as a tool

Don’t consider him a fool

Pushing them below the neck

Acting as a reality check

If he moves to the shoulder

You should become bolder

He will press with curved palms

Using his big and strong arms

Putting pressure on the joint

Pulling that arm to a point

He will repeat it on other side

With a hint of grin and pride

He will use both his hand

And then ask you to stand

Placing hands on the waist

You should swirl it in haste

That is the last in the list

You may clean your eye mist

Thank you him with a smile

For care and going extra mile

You must have a strong belief

You have got the needed relief

Stiffness in the neck is all over

Aches, your headache to care


By: Tasneem Hameed

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