Humor Pizza Pieces

Four line pieces of poetic  humor depicting situations of stress, tension  and anxiety. but leading to fun  satire, smile, laughter,  and enjoyment.


Walking on water was difficult

He started running fast

All burst in to laughter

Gathered to watch the fun


As laughing  looked too odd

On hearing a joke in cemetery

He started crying loudly

Making the dead laugh in silence


After receiving gifts on birthday

Demanded three more from each

And with a smile he told them

The day was 29th of February


Feeling stress he went to a doctor

Was told that the doctor died

A few minutes ago under tension

Discussing his fee with a lawyer


On the way to his school

A cat came in his way

There was no way out

Except his way back home


How much he could walk

He decided to have a test

He walked and walked for hours

And was later laid to rest


They all listened with anxiety

His long and lingering speech

Later he thanked the organizers

The audience was out of reach


When in the 100th interview

Asked about experience and last job

He replied “five years experience

And only job was finding a job”


Listening to the shrieking siren

He feared accident in the vicinity

But, later on came to know

That the PM was in the city


By: Tasneem Hameed

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