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Humor Pizza Pieces

Four line pieces of poetic  humor depicting situations of stress, tension  and anxiety. but leading to fun  satire, smile, laughter,  and enjoyment.   Walking on water was difficult He started running fast All burst in to laughter Gathered to watch … Continue reading

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Humor And Health

  Research / studies established the role of humor, joy for good health. Laughter’s is internal jogging of the heart and helps cure respiratory problems. In an earlier post, Journey of Humor, humor was depicted as: The quality that brings … Continue reading

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Enjoyment And Entertainment With 4Bs

The story of birds (sparrows, pigeons, parrots, crows) and their observation by Baba, BB and Baboo and its filming creating a lot of enjoyment and entertainment. There he was sitting at the same place in the park with a lot … Continue reading

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Humor; Harassment And Humiliation

Harassment and humiliation is no humor hence brought frustration and resentment for the perpetrator as a harsh reaction. But, also changed his life for better. Nobody who knew him from childhood could believe that he was Zarook. He was known … Continue reading

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A Humorous Theft

Anything done for the first time is difficult, and if it is theft, it is bound to create tension and anxiety and ungainly situations even stupid and humorous. He at last decided to go for it. He had been delaying … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Person; Curiosity, Tension And Relief

An account of the activities of a mysterious person during walk and efforts to unravel the real facts full of suspense, tension, and embarrassment. I have watched him since he started his walk-cum-jog-run activity six months back. I am a … Continue reading

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Humor And Horror

Real humor has nothing to do with horror. Humor promotes joy and happiness , provide relief against stress and anxiety while horror creates them. Once I found something strange Much beyond my thinking range Humor and horror side by side … Continue reading

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Entertainment Par Foolishness

The story of a simple person, who goes through a lot of stress and tension searching for a fool, but ended up to his relief in getting a bride, instead. Happiness was visible from the face of Achoo barber.  The … Continue reading

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A day’s narration of a Taxi Cab seeker who had to deal with auto rickshaw drivers, depicting his predicament going through tension and frustration. Finding a Taxi Cab in the city has always been an undesirable task. Although it is … Continue reading

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We are honored to have your company at Humor-itarian Work Center. As a person is known by the company he keeps, a company is also  known by the people it has and we feel privileged to have you with us. … Continue reading

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