Selfie is the latest fad. Although some people think it to be a form of selfishness due to its close proximity in sound with the word “Selfish” as well as its emphasis on “Self” in its process and result, most people just take it as the method of taking one’s own photograph with one’s own hands. Actually it is far from being true.


Hiroshi Ueda of Japan invented selfie stick in 1983. It did not click at that time because people were less aware of the importance of self-awareness.

Self –awareness is defined as the capacity for introspection and the ability to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.

Self-awareness is the basic requirement for being successful. Unless we not only know, but recognize our own self how can we even dream about knowing others and making us better than them?

How it can be done? According to George A Sheehan “ The mind’s first step to self-awareness must be through the body”. So first step first. The more we know about our body more we are in a position to achieve self-awareness. Seeing and understanding are the steps that lead to awareness so seeing yourself must be the starting point.

Looking through the mirror had been the most common method of seeing yourself. But it is mostly used a few times during the day while at home and even a fewer times if outside unless you are a woman and have a small mirror in your handbag. As women look though the mirror more it can be safely said that their self-awareness quantity is more than men.

Due to difficulties in having more look at one’s self through the mirror there was a dire need to have some alternate means of fulfilling the need. Selfie fulfilled that need. Remember Cicero said, “No one can give you better advice than yourself” and seeing yourself initiates that process.

Mirror was unable to keep with the needs of the time. Seeing yourself through selfie, keeping its record and analyzing it continuously increases your self-awareness, make you think what you need to do to remove deficiencies and highlight your strengths. This introspection help you in readily differentiating  yourself with others by having their photographs in your record and seeing whether they improved their looks or otherwise and finding the reasons. Having selfies in different backgrounds help you in ensuring that your person is always prominent by using the right angles.

All in all, what a boon for you, what a blessing, what a tool and what a support in making you a better you and helping you achieving your goals. It may be said with confidence that selfie is the latest key to your success.


Tasneem Hameed

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