It was really surprising for me

Cat having dog patting on the back

But, more was in store for me

Dog running, cat sitting on the back


Many don’t know the difference

Between dictatorship and democracy

The routes of coming are different

But, same nature of going crazy


There was argument between the two

Z was challenging the superiority of A

“You are only the starting point Z said

But, ultimately I have the last say”


See the greatness of mother earth

We push her back to move forward

She supports and helps us to move

Instead of pulling as backward


Present always has a dilemma

Future being the grandson of past

Grandfather loves him more than son

Present sandwiched between next and last


What of old when a new moon is born

Child asked from his friend in anguish

“Have seen stars? the friend asked

They are made from old moon foolish”


Unable to get the way in the rush

That was moving at a very slow pace

“Bomb, bomb,” he started crying

Soon there was no one at the place


They have the new weapons and power

They know the method that deters

In this brand new age of globalization

There is no need to use old fetters


When the writing is on the wall

No need to find anybody else

Go to the owner of the wall

Charge him with the offense


When everyone prophesies to be right

Definitely, there is something wrong

For knowing the real character of people

Start singing a very vulgar song


Tasneem Hameed

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