Humorous Attack


rain walkIt was a beautiful summer evening with rains in the morning making the weather very pleasant. Cool breeze was blowing under the cover of a sky full of light clouds of different shades. I entered the park for my daily evening walk  and was compelled to contribute to the environment by rendering a famous song in a low, but passionate voice, “Kyon hum say khafa ho gai aye jan-a-tamana  Bheegay hoi mausam ka maza kyon nahi laitay”(Why are you angry sweetheart  Why not enjoying the wet weather). I took my routine route to start my walk. Park was full to capacity due to fine weather after scorching heat of preceding many continuous days. People were enjoying especially the younger ones and the children. As I started I found a little bit dampness on the track, but not enough to impede my intention of completing my daily core. It was really enjoyable and I decided in my mind to have two rounds instead of one. I have walked for about ten minutes when suddenly weather  turned nasty. From nowhere dark black clouds gathered and then opened their big mouths. Heavy rains came pouring down making walking difficult and as I was thinking about my next move as I had not brought my umbrella I was spared of that by what happened next. While taking a turn on the part of the track that was about five feet higher than the adjacent green plot, I slipped and came tumbling down into the water drenched plot. I fell on my right side and felt pain in my back and right rib cage. Some people who were standing in the covered corner of the plot out of many, opened their umbrellas and slowly approached me. While it was still raining heavily I found myself unable to lift myself. The people who took the initiative after reaching the place where I was lying tried, but were unable to lift me due to slippery conditions. As they were discussing what to do next, suddenly rain stopped and a horde of people including some women and children who were previously acting as silent spectators decided to join, watch from close quarters what had happened and contribute their bit to the event. I became nervous on seeing such a large number of people gathered around me and looking, some with sympathy, some with amusement and some with surprise as if I had done something bad deliberately. Suddenly I heard a child in the arms of a woman started crying looking towards me. It was for the first time that I realized that something bad has been done to my face. I tried to take out my handkerchief from my pocket to clean my face. But, before I could do so I heard a loud voice shouting: “One minute, One minute”.

sea-of-people-with-cell-phonesAs I looked towards the person shouting,  he took out his cell phone from his pocket and started taking snaps of me, and it immediately transpired that he was the first drop of rain as almost everyone joined him in this venture. My nervousness turned to self-pity and then to stress, tension, embarrassment and finally to depression. I put my arm in front of my face to hide it, but soon I  realized that I must not take it seriously because if I were in their places I might  have been behaving in the same manner so it was better to enjoy and take it as a humorous event, pain not withstanding.

Then, the angle arrived in the form of relief, the supervisor of that plot. He first asked all people to leave and then called one of his subordinates to bring a trolley immediately. The trolley that was meant for carrying plants, fertilizer, etc. arrived soon and the supervisor and three of his subordinates lifted me into the trolley. Due to short width of the trolley I had to sit on haunches. I was carried on the trolley watched by all those who came in the way with some again indulging in photography, some looking with grins, some with sympathy, some looking in amazement and some trying to control their laughter, I heard someone sarcastically calling me big child and another describing me as a plant carried for plantation. A clapping girlsfew children seeing me in the trolley started clapping and I waived back. I had become a source of enjoyment and entertainment. My journey ended at the car parking with new spectators joining in, but my ordeal refused to end, my driver was nowhere to be found. Perhaps as I had arrived back earlier than expected, he also decided to enjoy the weather. It was only on my way back that I came to know that he had heard in the parking area that the people in the park were rushing towards a place where some event had happened and that he too decided to do the same, but was late.

Tasneem Hameed

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