Humor Biscuits


If you have not done the job

No need for any worry much

Don’t feel stress or tension

No harm saying sorry much

Boss was cool, calm and composed

To test and verify I decided to try

I presented  my work assignment

And he suddenly started to cry


As the meeting just started

Chair ordered closing mobiles

When his  mobile started ringing

He left to hear amid smiles


He was not allowed to enter

He never in mind expect all

While leaving the factory he saw

Value’s Board saying Respect All


MD discussed most thoroughly

Average salary/ age’s strategic advantage

And decided to fire three old employees

Hire nine, of low salary and young age


After waiting in anxiety for hours

And no hint of any interview

The handler told the candidates

‘Cause short time, will call anew


“And what you expect as compensation”

The interviewer asked the candidate

“Not much,” he replied with a smile

“Some favors plus market rate”


After waiting ten years for promotion

He at last decided to resign

When he presented it, the boss said

“Although ten years late, I will sign”


Tasneem Hameed

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