How to Keep Children Entertained in the Summer Holidays




Keeping your children entertained for six weeks can be a drain on your energy and your purse. Finding new and inventive ways to keep them occupied is no mean feat. It’s particularly difficult to find free ways to keep your children from being bored. Here are some of the top ten ways you can keep your children from getting frustrated and fed-up in the school holidays.

1. Make a Splash

water fight There’s nothing more refreshing than having a water fight on a hot day. Fill up some water balloons, get the hose out and head outdoors and prepare for battle. Get the paddling pool out and splash about in the garden. Put a slide in the pool and make your own mini waterpark. There’s something magical about getting out the paddling pool in the sun whether you’re a child or an adult.

2. Watch a Film Outdoors

Around the country there are numerous places which are running open-air cinemas with kids screenings on in the morning. Some of the shows are free too! You could pack up a picnic and pop off and watch a film outdoors.

3. Countryside Cruise

Although many children would probably rather sit inside playing on the computer or watching television, a countryside walk can make them feel good. Children love exploring and taking them on a ramble through flowers, plants and beautiful landscape can help to satisfy their curiosity. To make the walk more fun, give your children a list of items to spot and when they find them they can tick them off their list. Make your own little nature trail map to make the walk more fun.

4. Have a Taste Test

Get some random concoctions of food and drink and ask your children to close their eyes and guess what food and drink they’ve had. Your children can have lots of fun trying to guess the different types. Throw some things into the mix they don’t like and things they love to make it more fun.

5. Create a Scooter Rally

PERSANALISE-SCOOTER-500pxl Get your children and their friends together and have a scooter or a bike rally. Head to the park and do several laps around it. Get your children to make some medals to give to the winners and runners up. They could have hours of fun playing with their friends messing around in the park.

6. Play Rounder’s

A good game of rounder’s is great fun especially if you happen to have a lot of children to look after. Rounder’s in the park or at the beach can keep children (as well as adults) entertained for hours on end.

7. Fun in the Sun

Create your own mini assault course in the garden with a range of challenges. Use the swimming pool, lilo’s, swings and slides and create a fun filled action packed assault course.

8. Make a Den

Children love making dens. Encourage them to get outside and make a den. You could use blankets or sheets draped over a goal post or children’s climbing frame. You could even use some camouflage material to make them feel as though they’re in combat. If you have a Wendy house, you could just put it outside and they have a ready-made den voila.

9. Garden Party

This is for you as well as the children – after all – with all those summer activities you deserve a break too. Get your friends and their children round for a good old barbeque. Let the children mingle while you sit and relax and enjoy a chilled glass of something you like. While the evening comes round and it gets cooler, you could always have some <a href=”“>fireworks </a> for a bit of night-time entertainment. This should keep them occupied while the adults can have a few drinks.

10. Get Creative

Get your children to create a band. Allow them to make musical instruments out of whatever you can find. You could make a xylophone out of glasses, an old syrup tin as a drum and a wooden spoon as a drum beater. Although creating a band may not be the best thing for you to have to listen to on a hot summer’s day, your children will love it.


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