Getting advice from crocodile


Four stupid people were discussing the way to make people understand their thinking.

One of them was of the view that it would be an exercise in futility as there is a sea difference between their intellectual level and theirs.

The second one was of the opinion that if they start interacting with them their own intellectual level would come down. Better leave them to their fate.

According to the third person it was their responsibility to make this world a better place and they should not shirk this responsibility.

The fourth and the last person was of the view that it was better to wait for their request for help than to poke our noses and make them feel important.

As there was no agreement it was decided to refer the matter to a fox. When approachedĀ  fox told them that she knows of a crocodile in the nearby river who is very wise and may be in a better position to give a piece of advice than her as she considers the four wiser than her. She however, told them that they must follow the right procedure to meet the crocodile to ask their question. To bring the crocodile on the surface they should first throw some favorite food of crocodile on the surface, but ensure that they must ask the question before the food is eaten because the moment the food is eaten the crocodile is deprived of mental powers.

They agreed and rest is depicted below.



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