A Sweeper’s Joy, Stress And Relief

While sweeping dusty road one day

A sweeper found a jewel in the hay

Hiding the  jewel  was his first action

Before thinking about any reaction

Full of  joy he started thinking then

What to do, how and when

Should he go by wait and see

Just like ‘s peace policy

Or should he find some

Like , get everything share

Should he wait for some authority

Just Like  ’s immunity

Should he find the real owner

Or should he go to the jeweler

Sell the diamond and get the money

Without thinking much unnecessarily

As he was thinking about the option

A shrieking siren drew his attention

A police van came and stopped near

Creating tension, anxiety and fear

As the police descended from the van

Ascending fear told him to ran

He was caught in no time

And forced to confess the crime

When asked about reason of his run

Under stress not had the courage to shun

Got relief telling the story truthfully

And tendered apology unlike Clinton

Accepting the apology like Pakistan

The Policemen declared their plan

They will check diamond is genuine

And if found so will then take action

He was asked to leave immediately

Which he complied most happily

The police continue haunt the sweeper

As he had been saved by a whisker

But, they never came back to arrest

Diamond was not real it did suggest

The poor sweeper could never think

Not taking his address had any link


By: Tasneem Hameed

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