A Comedy Fable





Sarah Blodgett






Sit down kids while I tell you a comedy fable…


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess (me, obviously), who wanted to try stand-up comedy.  So she traveled to the far off land of Boston, Massachusetts, to fulfill her dream.  She met many interesting jesters along the way.  She met two jesters in particular who were also new to this world.  They thought that the comedy business was easy and that Boston was terribly out of touch with the times.  So the two jesters banded together and tried to “revolutionize” the Boston comedy scene.

These jesters were promotional marvels (and this, kids, was before Facebook and Twitter.  How did they do it?  I say the work of magic).  They booked their own shows that competed with existing shows, pissed off bookers, clubs and other comics.  They only looked out for themselves and did not care who they pissed off along the way.  They were all hype and no substance.

Time went by, and Jester 1 decided he really wanted to get serious and work as a comic.  He distanced himself from Jester 2, made amends with others on the scene, and worked on his act.  Jester 1 ended up working consistently for years, with and for some of the very people he had pissed off.

Jester 2 disappeared, and the rumor is that he went to jail for getting involved with an underage girl.

The moral of the story, kids, is that you get farther in comedy, business, and life in general, by working hard, respecting those who came before you, and making friends instead of enemies…and don’t touch kids.

As for the beautiful princess… she is still doing comedy, and waiting for her prince charming and her happily ever after…stay tuned…


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