5 Easy Ways to Attain World Peace

Of course we can have world peace. One basketball dude was able to change his name to World Peace, so can you, right? Almost all beauty contestants in the planet are willing to work for world peace, somehow the work rate is slower than we want it to be. Still this planet, called Earth, is reeling from violence and a lot of us think that real world peace will not be achieved in our lifetime. There is hope and get a chuckle out of it, as long as we remain on the same page and work on getting world peace ASAP.

Much of the disagreements in this world are born out of our non-negotiable stance on an issue. Only if negotiators had the flexibility to ease up on their positions, we could have some traction in attaining world peace. If negotiators are not flexible enough, try getting pointers from gymnasts; they’re sure to be flexible, right? Flexibility means that you are willing to bend a little so that each one of us can reach the other side and understand where they are coming from.

Ban all weapons
It would be hard for armies to kill each other with pillows. A humungous pillow fight would be a grand occasion for fun. War has never been pretty and we all know that. If we keep lethal weapons away and just arm ourselves with fluffy pillows, we could no longer inflict damage to anyone, anymore. Ban any kind of weapon and achieve world peace, thank you very much. All countries in the world must seriously work towards implementing gun ban especially to civilians throughout their lifetime. Otherwise, we could not help but fear the occurrence of massacre, summary executions and the like over and over again.

The United Nations has been way off in totally achieving world peace. Only unity, can make the people of this planet get true peace. If the UN can’t unite us; what will? An asteroid should do or an alien invasion; would suffice. We clearly need to have a common rallying point to leave our differences behind and work for lasting peace. If only people would eliminate the barriers that religion, race and nationality have on us then achieving unity and world peace would definitely be possible. After all, it is us who will benefit from it, right?

Tolerance is learning that everyone is different and you’re cool with it. Tolerance is achieved when you bond with each other and learn that Aryans and Jews can get along just fine. There is no better way to have conflicting parties join a camping trip, throw in some marshmallows and campfire stories for best results. Tolerance would mean recognizing each other’s differences and still have the capability to work harmoniously with each other. Of course, we should not misconstrue tolerance for indifference.

Well, have you seen people killing each other while laughing? Certainly, such a thing would not happen. Moods can change the complexity of world affairs. If we start to laugh a little we bring down stress levels and anxiety. We tend to think better when we laugh due to the flooding of endorphins. Why not try laughter to cure what ails our pursuit for world peace? Sometimes we have to look at humor to get a different view on resolving conflicts. If we allow ourselves to laugh a little; we bring down our defenses. We are more likely to be understanding and tolerant of other people’s position. Make no mistake, achieving world peace is serious business and we have been tackling it seriously for so long. Why not inject some humor for a change and try to shake things a bit?

The five points mentioned above may seem like a paradox to some people especially when they think about achieving world peace for real. However, if we only just take a closer look at the points mentioned above and ponder on it we would realize that achieving world peace is indeed possible. Yes, it certainly is and it should start from you and me. Let us not wait for others to initiate the action. Let us start it right here, right now.

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